Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The Company began operations on October 11, 2016, with the purpose of identifying and evaluating opportunities for the acquisition of interests in assets or businesses with a view to providing strategic planning, restructuring, and development. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and world events affecting fertilizer and food supply issues the Company identified global food security as a prime area of focus. In particular we have obtained distribution rights for a unique organic fertilizer that can reduce the use of harmful and increasingly costly chemical fertilizers while improving nutrition and increasing crop yields.

This game changing fertilizer has led to several synergistic business opportunities with complementary products and related infrastructure. A key factor in our success with the foregoing fertilizer related endeavors, is the acquisition of financial and insurance vehicles.

These financial and insurance transactions have similarly led to synergistic opportunities, for example the development of innovative military veteran healthcare initiatives.


Our Goal

Veritas Group’ Limited’s primary goal is to develop a financially sound corporate entity, with a view to enhance shareholder value while delivering real world solutions to real world basic needs. Assuming the Company is successful in achieving sustainable growth and profitability, the Company will look to acquire other similar companies in the industry.

Our Products and Services

Organic Fertilizer:

Our objective is to expand the global distribution of our unique organic fertilizer, “NPK75,” as well as organic food products. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of establishing efficient distribution channels.  We aim to develop and implement strategies that optimize fertilizer use in agriculture to enhance soil fertility and, consequently, improve the nutritional quality of food. This, in turn, is expected to contribute to the prevention and management of health issues related to malnutrition and lifestyle-related diseases.

Our re-engineering of healthcare finance objectives will include securing military veteran healthcare benefits, self-funded major medical health plans for small and mid-sized employers and “gig” economy workers in cooperation with insurance, and immediate cash for medical provider claims account receivables. In furtherance of these objectives the company is pursuing the following transactions and initiatives.

Organic Fertilizer Distribution:

Loulu Palm Farms – Is our organic nano fertilizer aerial application service and distributor of NPK75, based in Hawaii and which will provide aerial fertilizer spraying for Hawaii and the nearby islands.

TORtec Group Corporation – is a publicly-traded US company listed on the OTC Market (Pink Sheets). Veritas is in the process of completing audits and adjusting the stock to allow for a 52% controlling interest. TORTEC is an aerial applicator, and licensed producer of organic fertilizer NPK75. Its subsidiary, Mid-Cal Aviation, is an agricultural aerial spraying company and distributor.

In addition to our core business. our company Equitas Global Financial Guarantee Ltd., will provide financial guarantees for debt and equity offerings worldwide. We intend to expand our risk transfer offerings to insurance for our properties, people, and equipment, including aircraft insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

Synergistic and Complimentary Products and Infrastructure.

In addition to direct application for growing agricultural crops NPK75 is beneficial to farm animals as a supplement and greatly enhances other complimentary products such as biogas, biochar and activated carbon. Acquisition of crop-dusting businesses for aerial application and developing related infrastructure greatly increases our ability to expand market penetration of our NPK75.

Biomass Operations and By-Products:

Biogas / Animal Feed / Terra Petra is the main product of our Rapid Cellulose Bio-Refinery derived from the process of converting farm and other natural waste products into energy.

Biochar – a byproduct of the Biomass conversion, biochar is produced using a specific process to reduce contamination and safely store carbon. During pyrolysis organic materials, such as wood chips, leaf litter or dead plants, are burned in a container with very little oxygen.

Activated Charcoal or Activated Carbon – another by-product of the Biomass conversion.  Activated carbon is made by being placed in a tank without oxygen and subjecting it to extremely high temperatures, 600-900 degrees Celsius.

Animal Feed – Modern agri-food systems generate large amounts of crop-based biomass that are unfit for direct human consumption but potentially suitable for livestock feeding in the production of meats, milk, and eggs.

Electricity – Biomass can be converted into electric power through several methods. The most common is direct combustion of biomass material, such as agricultural waste or woody materials.

Real Estate – acquiring existing remote aerial spraying airport facilities globally that serve as distribution centers for organic fertilizer and investments in Farmland worldwide with each property developing as Organic Farming Support complexes.