Health Insurance & Healthcare Finance

Health Insurance – Discussions are being held with a group of companies that is re-engineering healthcare finance for veterans, small group employers, independent contractors, and “gig” economy workers, all with the backing of an insurance company and a medical receivables cash flow purchase program for hospitals and doctors. 

Existing legacy health insurance companies provide high-cost coverage with reduced benefits to the small group employer market.  Both the group’s Staffing Company and Professional Employer Organization provide self-funded health plans that focus on employee health outcomes with a funded health savings account.  A major medical receivables cash flow purchase program delivers cash flow to medical providers, profit to investors, and underwriting data for a group owned insurance company to help lower health plan premiums.

Veterans Benefits Program – There exists unnecessary complexity for individual veterans and their employers, and medical providers for veterans to secure veteran-earned healthcare benefits. Through a unique non-profit dedicated to enrolling and helping veterans navigate the benefit opportunities available, a new affiliate of the group will provide financial healthcare solutions.  It specializes in supporting the non-profit membership through education, engagement, and accessing basic benefits already available, including healthcare, and further supporting employers to identify veterans to claim membership in the non-profit to access further financing available for healthcare benefits.


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Employer Health Plan – Health insurance has expensive premiums and reactive, chronic “sickcare” with restricted choice of doctor and hospital to a network and unfunded health savings account limiting freedom of choice in healthcare for employees under fully insured health insurance for gig-economy workers and small and mid-sized group employers.  Through a major health insurance distributor, the group’s affiliate offers self-funded, level-funded major medical health insurance with a funded HSA (health savings account) retirement plan for the small and mid-sized group employer and independent “gig” worker market through the structure of Staffing and PEO (professional employer organization) incorporating healthcare delivery partners and available public funds such as Mission Act funds for veterans to offset health plan claims.  The Health Plan Program has no restriction on member choice of medical provider and will also contract with community care network certified veteran providers and medical providers who take advantage of the major medical accounts receivable cash flow program.

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Major Medical Accounts Receivable Cash Flow Program – There is uncertainty of amount and timing of cash flow in payments to medical providers for medical claims accounts receivable from insurance payers. Through an experienced healthcare technology partner with architecture designed specifically for communication interoperability, data capture, and vendor independence and experienced fintech lending marketplace professionals, the group’s affiliate connects medical providers, including hospitals and independent physicians, with investors to provide immediate, non-recourse, non-notification factoring loans for medical provider medical claims with an estimated addressable market of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. This creates a new class of investment product with short-duration, high-yield, and investment grade characteristics for fixed-income credit investors as well as providing valuable data for both the real-time third-party administrator adjudication of claims and the underwriting of stop loss by insurance carriers for the Health Plan Program.