Aerial Application Services

It's Time to Get Organic

Indeed, aerial application services have been in existence for quite some time and play a crucial role in maintaining a robust food supply to meet the needs of our continuously growing global population.

Aerial application services involve the use of aircraft to apply various substances, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, to agricultural fields. This method offers several advantages, including the ability to cover large areas quickly and access difficult-to-reach or remote locations. It is particularly useful in regions with challenging terrain or when time is a critical factor, such as during planting or crop protection seasons.

With the world population continuously increasing, the demand for food is also rising. Aerial application services contribute to meeting this demand by ensuring efficient and timely application of essential agricultural inputs. By using aircraft, these services can reach extensive agricultural areas in a shorter time compared to ground-based application methods, improving productivity and crop yields.

Veritas Group Limited, through its organic fertilizer NPK 75, is taking a step forward in providing aerial application services that align with the growing need for sustainable agriculture. By offering organic fertilizer aerial application, Veritas Group Limited can support the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly food products.

This approach addresses the concerns surrounding the use of conventional chemical fertilizers, which may have adverse effects on ecosystems, soil health, and human health when used indiscriminately. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, derived from natural sources, can provide nutrients to crops while promoting soil fertility and reducing environmental impact.

By utilizing organic fertilizer aerial application services, Veritas Group Limited not only contributes to sustaining global food production but also demonstrates a commitment to ecological balance and responsible agricultural practices. This approach represents an important step towards meeting the nutritional needs of our growing world population while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Application and Distribution of our NPK75 Organic Fertilizer

    1. Aerial Spraying is commonly used to fertilize large agricultural properties, initially distributed by:

                               a. Airplanes and by
                               b. Helicopters, and lately, because of cost and environmental impact by
                               c. Drones

                     2. Ground Spraying with Tractors pulled spraying units.

To support our distribution efforts, we aim to acquire facilities that specialize in aerial spraying. These facilities, which will serve as distribution hubs, will be owned by the Company, and located within farming districts to facilitate the processing and manufacturing of our products.

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