Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability:
Cultivating a Greener Future with Organic Farming Distribution Centers

Veritas Group Limited
“ Veritas ['we:.ri.ta:s], Meaning truth”


Veritas Group is working towards a better and brighter future

Veritas Group Limited is a distributer for Organic NPK 75 Fertilizer.
NPK 75 nano-technology produces a rich organo-mineral complex foliar concentrate fertilizer with up to 78 nano minerals.
Veritas Group Limited sells its Organic Fertilizer under the following Brand Names:

NPK 75, Mineral-Gro®, Liquid TNT®, TORtec Group Corp.


Mission Statement:

To revolutionize agricultural practices globally by establishing Organic Farming Distribution Centers that facilitate the transition from chemically dependent crops and depleted soils to robust organic systems enriched with minerals and nutrients.


Our initiative is dedicated to creating a comprehensive one-stop solution for organic farmers. This includes the establishment of Distribution Centers strategically located on airports and real estate developments to streamline supply chains.

Key Features of the Centers:

Organic Fertilizer Production: Specializing in NPK 75 formulation.
• Biomass Processing Plants: These facilities not only generate electricity but also produce animal feed, Terra Preta, activated charcoal, biochar, and biogas.
• Renewable Energy Generation: Utilizing wind and hydro power to produce electricity in windy locales and along waterways.
• Innovative Construction Methods: Employing 3D printing for building with nature-inspired concrete, alongside green prefab construction techniques.
• Sustainable Living and Recreation: The centers will foster communities with employee housing, hangars, and commercial buildings with airports. They will harness green energy for amenities like heated pools, organic golf courses, electric go-kart tracks, and light sports fields.

Developmental Considerations:

Each center's development will be tailored to its geographic location, available space, and the scale of distribution opportunities. Our vision is to create not just facilities, but sustainable villages that embody the principles of organic living and renewable energy.