Growing world population demands more food, but also produces more waste. Veritas Group Limited produces organic nano-fertilizer to increase food production, and the technology to convert bio waste to energy.

Veritas Group Limited
“ Veritas ['we:.ri.ta:s], Meaning truth”


Veritas Group is working towards a better and brighter future

Holding Company Veritas Group Limited, together with our new Partner’s Mineral-Gro®’ Liquid TNT® patented organic nano-fertilizer utilizes state of the art, patented, and proven technologies to produce organic fertilizer, using nano-technology.
Our stand-alone modularized Biomass generators convert cellulose-rich biomass into biogas and other bio products.
Our NEW product Mineral-Gro’ Liquid TNT®, together with Veritas’ Terra Preta soil, can become a truly “Dynamite” solution for incredible plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals!

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Veritas Group Limited

Working Together To Build A Better World

Our planet's population continues to grow, requiring increasing amounts of energy and food, therefore supply concerns are increasingly on top of our minds.

Farmers are not able to produce enough food without fertilizers, unfortunately current fertilizers contain a huge amount of chemicals which are harmful to humans and animals, and the run-off pollutes our oceans, decimating one of our largest food supply sources!

Veritas Group Ltd.’s new partner’s product, Mineral-Grow® can solve the issue! Mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray to leaves or added to the soil, up to 78 nano minerals become readily available to the plants. The amount of required water and pesticides are reduced and your plants will grow bigger, stronger, and healthier.

Our State-of-the-Art Biomass generators can solve the energy and waste problem; the bio-matter waste produced per day on the planet, if converted with available technology, represents a viable solution to meet increased energy demand.

On a global scale, the daily volume of bio-matter waste production, is sufficient to satisfy the total energy need of mankind if converted. Veritas Group Limited has state of the art technology to convert Bio-matter to Energy."

-- Veritas Group Limited