January 2020 - Veritas Group Limited has been listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange - Symbol: VERI.BH

Veritas Group Limited is a Bermuda exempt company that provides the financial architecture for institutional, private and public funding, guaranteed with Government Securities through a licensed Bermuda insurance company.

About Us

Parent Company Veritas Group Limited is a publicly held business that was founded in 2016 as an exempt corporation in Bermuda that acts as a Captive Insurance facilitator through a licensed Bermuda insurance company.

The company has been admitted to be listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) on January 9, 2020
Symbol: VERI.BH

Practice Areas

Captive Insurance

Bermuda Segregated Account Company (SAC) management.

We provide expertise in designing and managing captives for clients using our local knowledge and consulting expertise to ensure they create maximum value. This includes issuing watertight policy documentation, designing innovative, leading-edge captive solutions, providing clear and accurate management information that supports strategic decision making, or helping you steer a safe path through the regulatory minefield.

Focus on one goal

Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of your captive. We recognize that your captive is your subsidiary and make sure it acts in full compliance with your group's requirements and contributes to wider corporate strategies.

This delivery of expert advice and exceptional service, combined with our determination to understand and respond creatively to the needs of your business is at the heart of our Trusted Advisor model. We deliver the quality of innovative advice and efficiency that you expect from your own team.

One of the benefits of a captive is the ability to tailor the scope of the captive operations to the unique needs of its owner(s). The advantages of a captive will differ for each application and owner; however, two of the most common advantages are control and cost.

A number of factors allow Veritas' clientele to take greater control of their risk financing:

Coverage availability and flexibility

➤   Veritas Group provides coverage when commercial insurance markets will not provide certain types of insurance or may charge unreasonably high premiums.

➤   Veritas Group is not subject to the same degree of regulation that commercial insurers face and has more flexibility in the type of coverage it provides. Control of essential services is essential.

➤   Veritas Group retains control of administrative functions including underwriting, investment management, and claims management.

➤   Risk management and loss control services can be focused on the unique needs of the client organization and incorporate specific controls affecting bond coupons, ratios of return, coverage and project completion.

Control of data

Accurate and complete data is a critical element of successful risk management. Veritas Group can decide which data to collect and is not subject to the limitations of the information management systems of the commercial carriers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business - Investment Strategy and Planned Acquisitions

We intend to employ a pro-active acquisition targeting strategy that identifies potential acquisition targets that align with the company's investment objectives. We have identified the following general criteria and guidelines that are important in evaluating prospective acquisition targets-

➤   Growth potential – We will seek to acquire businesses or assets that can grow both organically and through acquisitions.

➤   Under-financed businesses to acquire or with which to partner – The lack of financing or access to capital has given rise to self-financed companies and limited reinvestment of capital.

➤   Strong and experienced management teams – Experienced and proven entrepreneurial managers are a critical component to creating and sustaining long-term value. We will look for businesses that have management teams with proven track records for delivering top line growth and bottom line profits.

➤   Public market support – Public equity markets are selective in their support of companies. We intend to focus our efforts on industries and companies that will generate short and long-term support from public equity investors.

➤   Recent underperformance relative to capabilities – Companies underperform operationally and financially for various reasons, including due to cost mismanagement, weak relationships with organized labour groups, poorly strategized market positioning, capital investment misallocation, capital structure inefficiencies and ineffective management teams.

➤   Hidden intrinsic value – We intend to seek situations where we are able to acquire a target company that, in our view, has unseen value or other characteristics that have been disregarded by the private marketplace.

We intend to use these criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, but we may decide to enter into the transaction with one or more target businesses that do not meet any or all of these criteria and guidelines. These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive, and may not apply in all cases. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular transaction may be based, to the extent relevant, on these general guidelines and/or other considerations, factors and criteria that our management, board of directors and our partners may deem relevant.


Mudai Nakagawa

Mudai Nakagawa

Chief Executive Officer

Shibu Abraham

Shibu Abraham

Chief Financial Officer

Sharl van Rensburg

Sharl van Rensburg

Legal Advisor

Charlotte Luer

Charlotte Luer

Marketing Manager

Walter Oliver

Walter Oliver

Advisor South Africa

Christian Dupont

Christian Dupont

Compliance Officer

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