On a global scale, daily volume of bio-matter waste production is sufficient to satisfy the total energy need of mankind.
Veritas Group Limited has the technology to convert bio-matter to energy.

Otto Hager
“ Veritas ['we:.ri.ta:s], Meaning truth”


Veritas Group is working towards a better and brighter future

Holding Company Veritas Group Limited utilizes state of the art, patented, and proven technology to convert cellulose-rich biomass into biogas and thus create electricity through our stand-alone modularized generators.

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Waste To Energy

Water Treatment

Renewable Energy Generation

Veritas Group Limited

Working Together To Build A Better World

Our planet's population continues to require increasing amounts of energy and therefore supply concerns are increasingly top of mind. Fortunately, the bio-matter waste produced per day on the planet, if converted with available technology, represents a viable solution to meeting increased energy demand. On a global scale, the daily volume of bio-matter waste production, is sufficient to satisfy the total energy need of mankind if converted and Veritas Group Limited has the technology to convert Bio-matter to Energy."

-- Otto Hager, CEO, Veritas Group Limited

Management Team

    Otto Hager

    Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

    Otto Hager is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Veritas Group Limited. He joined the company after spending 10 years at the Electrical Supply Commission of South Africa (ESCOM), the country’s national utility...

        Philip Neilson

        Attorney & Corporate Compliance Officer

        Philip Neilson is an attorney and serves as Veritas Group Limit’s Corporate Compliance Officer . He began his career working at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation for 23 years as a Special Agent and Legal Counsel...

            Arthur Hodgson, LL.B.

            Bermuda Board Member

            Arthur Hodgson is member of Veritas Group Limited’s Board of Directors. His background is as a scholar, educator, real estate and business developer, and politician. He is a former member of the Bermuda Parliament...

              Non-executive Directors

                Horst Unterlechner

                Managing Director - iBert (PTY) LTD.

                Horst Unterlechner is the Managing Director of iBert (PTY) Ltd. As a qualified engineer and architect, he has worked in the cold storage and food processing industry for 30 years...

                    Leon Venter

                    CEO - Low Voltage Switchboards (PTY) LTD.

                    Leon Venter is the Chief Executive Officer of Low Voltage Switchboards (PTY) Ltd. a company he founded in 1998 and guided to its position as a leader in the South African switchgear market. He began his career as...

                        Russell Upneck

                        Managing Director - First Argentum Group Inc.

                        Russell is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and has been in property development since finishing university in 1980. He focuses mainly on residential property development and has completed many successful developments in the northern suburbs...

                          Advisors to the Board

                            Rob DeSantis

                            Shareholder and Advisor

                            As an advisor to Veritas Group, Rob DeSantis supports the CEO and management team in various capacities. He has 30 years of corporate experience and earned a BSME URI degree prior to joining a start-up company called Rasna Corporation. Rob spent time working in Europe prior to relocating to California’s Silicon Valley where he consults in the venture capital industry...