Stephen H. Smoot

Board Member – Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Stephen Smoot has been in International Business Development since 1982. He negotiated over USD 900,000,000 in international contracts, including a USD 490,000,000 manufacturing agreement with the China Great Wall Industry Corporation, the commercial arm of the Ministry of Aerospace and Astronautics of China … Read More

Alfred S. Minors, MBA

Board Member – Chief Financial Officer

Alfred S. Minors graduated Linfield College McMinnville, Oregon U.S.A with double Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Economics with minor in computer programming. He has forty plus years of business experience designing, installing and maintaining Management Information Systems … Read More

Philip H. Neilson

Board Member – Attorney & Corporate Lawyer

Philip Neilson is an attorney and serves as Veritas Group Limit’s Corporate Compliance Officer . He began his career working at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation for 23 years as a Special Agent and Legal Counsel. Upon his retirement in January 2012, he opened Neilson Law Office with a focus on the general practice of law and … Read More

Michael Markham

Bermuda Board Member

Michael Markham is a member of the Veritas Group Limited’s Board of Directors and is based in Bermuda. His main focus is on establishing Equitas Global the captive insurance company for the Veritas Group offering state of the art re-insurance for all the Veritas Projects withFinancial insurance and guarantee as … Read More

Rob DeSantis

Shareholder and Advisor

As an advisor to Veritas Group, Rob DeSantis supports the CEO and management team in various capacities. He has 30 years of corporate experience and earned a BSME URI degree prior to joining a start-up company called Rasna Corporation. Rob spent time working in Europe prior to relocating to California’s Silicon Valley … Read More