Otto Hager

Otto Hager is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Veritas Group Limited. He joined the company after spending 10 years at the Electrical Supply Commission of South Africa (ESCOM), the country’s national utility. He has also created three companies in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. Over the last 30 years, Otto has served as the CEO and board member of several companies. He has been involved in renewable energy projects ranging from retrofitting to biomass, solar and solar nitrogen.

He earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Business Science & Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree Honors in Energy Economics – cum laude from the University of South Africa and the University of Johannesburg.

He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Africa and knows the region’s needs and challenges with respect to water, food and energy. He is passionate about the quest to make energy available and affordable to everyone who resides in third world countries.

He enjoys sport mountain biking and is a keen CrossFit athlete.

      Philip Neilson

      Philip Neilson is an attorney and serves as Veritas Group Limited’s Corporate Compliance Officer. He began his career working at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation for 23 years as a Special Agent and Legal Counsel. Upon his retirement in January 2012, he opened Neilson Law Office with a focus on the general practice of law and helping those in need.

      Philip is licensed to practice in the State of Mississippi, The Supreme Court of Mississippi, the United States District Court for Northern and Southern Mississippi, and the United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit. He is a Member of the Mississippi Bar Association, the Lafayette County Mississippi Bar, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association, the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Inc., and the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

      Philip enjoys the outdoors and is a keen hunter.

          Arthur Hodgson, LL.B.

          Arthur Hodgson is a member of Veritas Group Limited’s Board of Directors. His background is as a scholar, educator, real estate and business developer, and politician.

          He is a former member of the Bermuda Parliament, a Cabinet Minister, a Rhodes Scholar and a commercial lawyer with nearly 25 years of experience practicing in Bermuda, including serving on the Bermuda Bench as a Magistrate in the Family Court. He started his legal career at Richards, Francis and Francis where he became a partner, later established the boutique firm Richmond Law Offices to conduct legal consulting work, and now practices with Apex Law Group Ltd, Barristers & Attorneys, the firm that resulted from the merger of Richmond Law Offices with the law office of Lynda Milligan-Whyte & Associates.

          Arthur has served as Minister of the Environment and, more recently, Chairman of a Bermuda Government’s Round Table on ‘Sustainable Development.’ He is presently serving as Chairman of the Hamilton Parish Council and Chairman of the Bermuda Missions Trust.

          Arthur studied law at the University of Buckingham in the U.K., where he was awarded a Bachelor of Laws.

          He is a dedicated humanitarian and spends all of his free time doing missionary work.

              Ferdinand Cloete

              Ferdinand Cloete is qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2006 and has 19+ years of experience in the external audit industry. He began his career as a forensic auditor for the South African local government before moving into the private practice audit industry.

              He earned his N.Dip ( Internal Audit), B-Tech ( Internal Audit) at the Cape Peninsula University, Mcom ( SA & International) Tax from the University of the North-West and his B.Com (Honors) Accounting at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.

              He is keen mountain biker and also enjoys traveling.