California Project Tranquillity

Central California – City of Tranquillity

The City of Tranquillity Project is on a 60-acre property in the town of Tranquillity in Fresno County, located in the central portion of the U.S. state of California. The project will have Biomass and Organic Fertilizer plants and Aerial Spraying Services operations. It will include a hotel with swimming pool and a small lake with a boating harbor, a church, recreational areas with baseball field, soccer and football fields, bike track, golf course and club house for the sports activities. The property includes an existing air strip.

The fertilizer plant will produce patented organic fertilizer with up to 78 chelated nano minerals. The fertilizer is sold under the names of NPK 75, Mineral-Gro® and Liquid TNT.

The existing runway lends itself to have an aerial spraying operation included in the project. Crop dusting planes can start from the property and service the farms and orchards surrounding the area.
Tranquillity, located in a vast agricultural Valley, produces a large amount of biomass fuel and lend itself perfectly for a Biomass plant. The plant will produce, Electricity, RNG Gas, Biochar, Feeding Char and Terra Preta soil enhancer. Electricity and RNG can supply energy to the town and surrounding areas.

This is an opportunity to invest in a project in a proven growing region positioned to take advantage of market trends alongside a sponsor team whose experience encompasses the full value chain.


Tranquillity is a census-designated place in Fresno County, California, United States. It is located 10 miles southeast of Mendota, at an elevation of 164 feet. The population was 799 at the 2010 census, down from 813 at the 2000 census. Tranquillity High School is the only high school in Town.

Fresno County, officially the County of Fresno, is a county located in the central portion of the U.S. state of California. As of the 2020 Census, the population was 1,008,654. The county seat is Fresno, the fifth-most populous city in California. Fresno County is the third largest producer with $8 billion in 2021, behind Kern and Tulare counties among California’s top-producing agricultural counties. The county is between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, creating a positive climate for many types of agricultural products.


The current vision for the 60-acre property involves the development of Fertilizer and Biomass plants, Aerial Spraying services, an Aerial runway, Residential areas, Offices, Warehouses, Storage facilities, a hotel, and Recreational zones. Additionally, the property provides access to a Waterski Park adjacent to our premises. A railroad track along our property line will facilitate the connection of a railroad spur to the site.

The county of Fresno has already granted approval for an airport runway, along with biomass and fertilizer plants on an initial 6-acre parcel, which forms a substantial portion of the overall asset value. All future construction endeavors will follow a pre-leasing or pre-selling approach.

Opportunity Zone

Investments through C-pace and Pace financing for construction enjoy exemption from capital gains tax. This tax structure provides a 25% funding option distinct from a deed of trust. This arrangement enables a reduction in down payment requirements for sales, consequently lowering the capital needed from both buyer financing and our financing for leased buildings.

The State Integrated Opportunity Zone Map depicts Qualified Opportunity Zones (OZs) within California.
This map also features other planning tools, incentives, and examples of State investments in these zones in key priority areas.
These key priority area investments in OZ boundaries include sustainable transportation projects, cap-and-trade climate investments, and high-speed rail alignments.