“Liquid TNT®(Total Nano Terrestrial)

Veritas Group Limited has entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Techgrand Company Limited s.r.l. to distribute and sell Techgrand’s patented special blend of organics and submicron-sized chelated trace minerals in liquid form, through Veritas’s network of sales and distribution channels.

Techgrand is represented by MINERAL-GRO® as their marketing company.

MINERAL-GRO® is a Wyoming corporation created to utilize patented nano-technologies to improve the agricultural industry worldwide.

Application of these nano-technologies has been called a “revolution” and a “paradigm shift” in the agricultural industry by top government officials and scientists in several countries.

Mineral-Gro® can be used in all types of agriculture, landscaping, forestry, greenhouses, gardens, sport turf and park grounds. 

Mineral-Gro® can be also used in hydroponics, aeroponics and fogponics to give optimum availability of minerals to the plants through the roots and leaves.

Two-Stage Process Patented Technology

Dry Stage

The minerals are blended in a vortex chamber using compressed air and resonating frequencies for pulverization.

The minerals become micron-sized dry powder.

Wet Stage

The micronized minerals are sent through a liquid mixing process to nano-size the minerals in solution.

The particles implode further to nano-size. The water is “activated” with the nano-size minerals.

This final liquid concentrate is ready to mix with more water and applied as a foliar spray on the crops or plants.

More about our Liquid TNT® Ingredients!

Mineral-Gro® Liquid TNT®, is a “Dynamite” solution for incredible plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals!

What is Liquid TNT®?

When Liquid TNT® is mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray to leaves or added to the soil, up to 78 nano minerals become readily available to the plants. The amount of required water and pesticides are reduced and your plants will grow bigger, stronger, and healthier.

The organic materials in our soil that plants rely on for growth are decreasingUnlike most fertilizers, Liquid TNT® is a nutrient-rich spray that can also be directly applied at the root
Fruits and vegetables are becoming less nutritious
Liquid TNT® contains all the organic minerals your garden needs – once the parenchyma tissue and your soil are enriched with these organic fertilizer minerals, they will pass their life-giving energy into the plants and into your meal
Soil nutrient shortages will eventually cause dependency on nutrient rich countriesWhen gardeners and farmers utilize Liquid TNT®. they’re paving a healthy and independent pathway for their plants and crops

Liquid TNT® Compared to Other Fertilizers

  • Produced better Seed germination
  • Improved root formation
  • Facilitated plant growth and development
  • Increased yields
  • Improved product taste characteristics
  • Inhibited bacterial and fungal diseases
  • Reduced the level of heavy metal accumulations
  • Reduced the level of radionuclide accumulations
  • Increased drought resistance of plants
  • Increased soil fertility
  • Increased the cold resistance of plants

Other Benefits of Liquid TNT®

  • Acts as antidote upon application in tank mixtures with pesticides
  • No personal protective equipment needed
  • Environmentally safe
  • Potential application for cultivating
  • Environmentally clean product
  • Organic fertilization of soils
  • Reduces transplant “shock” losses